Preventing Leg Cramps

Leg cramps can be easily treated by using relieving creams or simply by pulling your toes upward towards your knee.  However, this treatment is helpful only if you experience cramps while playing your favorite sports or you change your shoes from high heeled to low heeled. But when it comes to swimming this is another story. Leg cramps will make your leg immobile and in most cases you may get drowned. To avoid muscle fatigue these tips will definitely help you.

Take your vitamins. Vitamin E does not only help your skin to glow radiantly but it also improves the circulation of the blood that transports oxygen to the body. During leg cramps, a build up of lactic acid happens due to the lack of oxygen. This build up will overwhelm the muscle resulting to cramps.

Another vitamins that can help alleviating the pain are calcium and magnesium. These vitamins confuses the muscle because of its push and pull effect. Calcium is responsible for contracting the muscle while magnesium relaxes it.

Regular training and exercise. If you are an athlete, train regulary. A trained muscle makes the lactic acid build up longer meaning a more improved circulation through out the body.  However if you are a beginner, do not overdo it. You take your time and  listen to your body. When you feel tired don’t be shy to get a break.

Drink water. Dehydration is one of the reason of leg cramps so it’s better to drink water, plenty of it.

Stretch that muscles. Stretching is not only required in exercise. Everytime you use your muscle it is prone to cramps. In order to avoid this, stretching is an option.


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