How do you close Chapter 2014?

Once again, we will bid farewell to a year that gave us another roller coaster ride. It’s a year of yes and a year of no. It’s a year of hello and it’s a year of goodbye.

Each one of us has its own way of closing the year that has been good or tough. For me, it has been a habit to check my Facebook status and the photos that have been uploaded. It’s a good medium if you are too lazy to write a journal.

I must admit that I’m addicted to Facebook yet I promised myself that I’ll not be addicted to ranting and to depression. In my assessment, practicing those habits make me a better person, more compassionate and a bit empathic.

Unfortunately, not all people benefit from social networking sites. Instead,  the envy and insecurity in their heart get pumped up which drag them to the person they do not wish to be. Imagine a friend who traveled a lot, bought a new car or house, got promoted, got engaged and GOT MARRIED. (Sorry for the emphasis. Haha!) Reading our friend’s wall post and viewing their photos seem to push that “jealousy button” that has not been triggered for quite sometime. In effect, we reflect and evaluate our accomplishments and we ended up getting depressed because we find that we are left behind by our colleagues and our young Facebook friends.

It’s sad to know that some of the netizens were not able to utilize the social networking sites. Been there, done that. But if everyone else will be able to change the way they use it, they will find the value of sharing and giving. (I’m starting to get preachy!)

Anyway, let’s go back to the theme of this post, closing chapter 2014. Let me share you the highlights of my Facebook account for this year.


Because I lived by the quotes, here are some quotes that works for me and for some of my friends.








To intensify the value of a Facebook wall post, pictures are added. It’s more powerful than words alone. Maybe, it is the reason why jealousy is triggered when smizes are found in the photos.

1 (2)

2 (2)

3 (2)Final Note

To my dear friends, Myla, Roselyn, Jhaqui, Daisy and Nicole, I promise to meet you all next year. I promise!

To the readers and followers of my blog and Facebook page, thank you for the comments and likes.

For now, I’ll leave you a recycled quote I posted last Dec. 31, 2013 in my wall. I guess it’s still relevant today. Here it goes:

“When you move forward, aim higher than what you just did. But always keep in mind, as you lift your feet, it must get back to the ground. This way you’ll keep moving forward and you keep yourself grounded.” – Michelle Felicano Mapa






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