Effective Ways to Overcome Jealousy

Although it is not easy to admit, but I’ll admit anyway, I’m a jealous person. I guess I need to blame it to my only-child-orientation. Up to this day, I’m still struggling to change my attitude.  Luckily, I developed some habits that worked for me which I hope will work for you.

Always like a Facebook post

Make it a habit to like the Facebook posts of your friends except for posts like ranting, profanity, sickness, nudity and anything immoral. Posts like a job promotion,  graduation, and vacation are among the types of wall posts that you can see in your news feed. When you see any of the prompts, click the Like button. Click it before you start to get jealous.

We cannot deny the fact that we have well-off friends who enjoy traveling around the world or eating in a fancy restaurant.  We have friends who are diligent and hardworking that they get their dream jobs. We cannot stop them to post their activities because it is their wall.

(If you are annoyed seeing the pictures in your news feed, check the photo below so the posts of your friend won’t show up again. )

untick fb options

Now you know the trick, I DO NOT ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO IT. PLEASE BEAR WITH THEM. IT’S THEIR WALL. (Confession alert! I did it twice.)

Facebook posts about achievements and leisure are jealousy magnets. You’ll be amazed at first, but then you’ll start to compare their achievements to your achievements until “comparing” becomes your habit. Most of the time, when you compare yourself to others, you see yourself as a loser while they are the winner. I believe that wall post is not created for that purpose.  I think that the Like button is intended to show your friends that you are happy for the achievements and rewards they received. I can say to this point that “like” does not only mean “agree” but it is also synonymous to the words, “I’m happy for you.”

Trust the person

Jealousy in the workplace is more hard-hitting than in Facebook. In Facebook, you only see the person virtually but in the workplace you either talk with the person or eat with the person. In worst case scenario, the person you are jealous with is your closest co-worker.

One of the reasons that trigger jealousy is job promotion. There’s no problem if you are a newbie and someone tenured got promoted. But the problem is when it works the other way around. You are left behind by someone new in your team and you end up asking, “Why?”

Instead of questioning the decision of your boss, trust the decision and the person who got promoted. When you start to trust, you are training yourself to welcome changes and new challenges ahead. You will also start to see the good things about the person.

If the person we are talking about is your closest friend, expect that there are many instances that he or she will consult you on certain matters that bug him or her. Is it possible to happen? Yes, because your friend trust you.


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