Cauliflower rice recipe for millennials who do not cook


If you’re looking for a cauliflower rice recipe, I highly recommend the Minimalist Baker’s recipe. The instruction is clear and concise and the photos are visually appealing.

Okay, I’m not a pro in cooking. I don’t really cook.

So, for a beginner, cooking a cauliflower rice is challenging. But Minimalist Baker’s recipe is easy that you won’t even burn the flowerets.

But if you plan to use it as a base for a fried rice, it’s not a good idea. In my first attempt, I cooked it the same way I do it with my fried rice. Unfortunately, I ended up eating a very oily cauliflower fried rice.

I suggest that you eat it like a plain couscous. Then add your favorite ingredients for a delicious rice bowl.

If you have a food processor, use it to increase the yield.

Calorie count: 25 calories per cup