In Behalf of My Countrymen

Thank you for all the helping hands that try to reach us after the super typhoon Haiyan.
Thank you for saying your prayers even before the storm hit our country.
Thank you.

To the writers and editors who put an effort to research the ways to donate,
Thank you for filling the white spaces the verbs of hope
The words are too powerful
Blessings are literally pouring right now.

These articles are the counterpart of the devastating reality the news is feeding us.
Yet, we must know reality
Thank you for all the journalists who bring these stories in our household.
Unconsciously, you are answering our questions.

To all the countries,
Thank you for loving our country
Thank you for sharing a piece of your nation.

To all the anonymous people who sent their donations,
To my clients,
Thank you.

To all the people who created pictures of hope
Thank you for sharing your talent
Love is felt.

In behalf of my countrymen,
Thank you.


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