The Wannabe Runner’s Journal – Part 1

December 12, 2012

“…I’ve decided that I will be a serious blogger though I’ve been blogging for years now (inconsistent posts and several blog sites).” Well, if you had read the “About me and my blog” you’ll definitely remember this. If you’re a follower, you’ll notice that my last post was about a shop review, not the against all odds article. It’s been three months and all I did was attempt to write because I’m busy of this and that. Tooooo many excuses!

This last quarter is a lifestyle changing stage of my life. I added a new set of clothes in my wardrobe and I was able to receive compliments from other people and my friends which affirms that I have a taste in fashion. I was also able to establish somehow my skills in proofreading and editing because two students had requested me to check their thesis. That’s awesome, isn’t it? But, the most significant event is that I’m jogging alone (with buddy sometimes) and I participated in a marathon/run. That’s more awesome, right?

Who says that getting up early in the morning and jogging alone is easy? It really takes a lot of determination and courage to convince every family member that you’re serious about it. But, one person who believes in you is enough to pursue. One person may mean you or the other person. Whoever it is, you’ll start to move forward. In my case, it’s the other person who convince me that I can and then I started to believe that I really can. Most people will say that it must be the other way around but it works for me. So, I guess it doesn’t matter.

“Yes, I can” is a page devoted to prove that I have the ability to conquer the fears and laziness I have in order for me to reach my goals. It’s a journal of the experiences and tests I encountered along the process of achieving my dreams. Come and join me in fighting the battle I started, because I’ll still run even the other person stopped believing in me.

The Wannabe Runner’s Journal (Part 1)

It was the Milo Marathon 2012 that made me decide to run. Since its the cheapest run available, I thought of joining since one of my friend encouraged me to do so. And at the back of my mind, I can quit a 5k run with no regret at all since it’s just a hundred pesos.  However, joining a run needs a preparation and that means I need to jog even I don’t want to. I attempted to join my friends in their night jogging but I was not able to come because I need to finish my work. That’s not an excuse, I’m hitting a deadline that time. Epic failed!

Starting a task is not easy at all, huh? And I must say I’m happy that I started.

Below are screen grabs of my Facebook wall posts and check what I’ve done so far.

November 23-1st jogging with my jogging buddy sg-1st jogging

December 3-2nd attempt to jog but this time alone sg-2nd jogging

December 5-3rd attempt to jog, alone, I just did sg-3rd jogging

December 9 – Milo Marathon, 5k, time: 1 hr and 14 min (not bad for sooo many walking)



December 11-4th attempt to jog, alone, I just did and longer (but started 7am… not a good time… 6am is ideal)

sg-4th jogging

That’s it for now. 😀

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