Weight Loss Plateau: Why I stopped weighing myself every day

weighing scale

Yesterday marked the 30th day of my recorded weight loss plan although I was not a fan of food and exercise journal. Finally, I successfully logged every day for 30 days.

In the past month, I realized the value of recording my daily activity, which led me to a deeper understanding about losing weight.

Although it seemed that I nailed one habit, it remained that I’m on a solo journey.

I don’t have a personal trainer to push me harder. And every day I ask myself how long I’ll endure the boredom of this journey especially when the lack of motivation strikes me. But with commitment and the right mindset, I keep moving in the same direction.

All you need is discipline and integrity. And it’s more powerful than determination and motivation. The traits can keep you on track even you face different challenges.

However, weight loss plateau is way different from any challenges you’ll experience as you lose weight. Even you have the discipline and integrity, you’re commitment will be tested because the scale is not giving you the results you expect.

Weight loss frustration

Every day, it was my habit to step on a weighing scale to check my weight. Because many bloggers said that you should weigh yourself every day. So, I did it. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any changes come the 15th day. So, I stopped recording my weight. I started to get frustrated.

If we share the same sentiments, I suggest you stop it too. Although the numbers were telling the truth that you’re far behind your goal, the numbers should not frustrate you. It should boost your confidence because it should show a milestone.

The best fix for this problem is to step on the scale after every two weeks. Because if you’re working out and you’re cutting calories, you should expect a drop of a pound or two within two weeks.

You can also use myfitnesspal.com to predict your weight after five weeks. After completing your entries, there’s a part of your journal showing a weight prediction. within five weeks. So, after five weeks, you can check if you reached your expected weight.


But if you find out that after five weeks nothing has changed, there must be something going on inside your body. Here are the two reasons behind it.

Water weight

One of the reasons you’re not losing weight is because you eat too many carbohydrates and you have a lot of salt or sodium intake. Carbohydrates contain glycogen, which is responsible for water retention.

According to a study, for every gram of glycogen you have in the body, 3.21 +/- 0.57 g of water retained in your body. It explains why dieters under a low-carb intake such as Atkins, Paleo and Ketogenic lose weight quickly. It’s because they initially lose water weight in their body.

Sodium also contributes to water retention. It’s the reason why some runners take salt supplement to avoid dehydration. If you weigh yourself after eating food with a lot of sodium, you must expect a weight increase.

Muscle weight

If you’re on a strength training, you must expect a weight increase. It’s because the muscle formed during the training is replacing your body fat. In this case, you’ll notice that your waistline decreases but your weight increases. It’s because you’re gaining muscle.

Stay on track

If you feel frustrated for not losing a pound or two within a month, it’s better to check your carbohydrates and sodium consumption. But, if you’re still not losing weight, go back to your journal and check your calorie intake. You might have a week without exercise or you might have many cheat days. Don’t get frustrated. Stay on track.


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